Software engineer from the midwest.

Some things I've been involved in:
iOS Engineer
San Francisco, California
Explore the world in real time through someone else's eyes.
Product Developer, Independent Projects
Boulder, CO; San Francisco, CA
Ideated and built a set of products separate from the Twitter ecosystem under senior leadership.
iOS Platform Engineering Intern
San Francisco, California
iOS Engineer
Chicago, Illinois
Founding Product Developer
Chicago, Illinois (2011-2013)
Started Belly, Inc. while I was working at Lightbank. I built the original technology and advised on strategic product and business decisions to transform Belly from an idea to a product and then to a business.
Founding Product Developer
Chicago, Illinois
Started Belly, Inc. during high school at Lightbank. Built the original technology and transformed Belly from an idea to a product to a business.
Advisor and Developer-in-Residence
Chicago, Illinois (2011)
Brought in by Lightbank/Groupon co-founder Eric Lefkofsky to advise portfolio companies on their mobile efforts and to work closely with Founders-in-Residence to develop software for in-house companies.
Advisor and Developer-in-Residence
Chicago, Illinois
Advised portfolio companies on mobile & worked closely with Founders-in-Residence to develop in-house companies.
Other things I've made:

An iPhone app for tracking the University of Michigan's buses in real-time, viewing their estimated arrival times, and getting other data about the school's bus system that I designed and developed after visiting campus.

Powered by ReactiveCocoa and Fare, a proprietary networking library for interfacing with U-M's RESTful APIs using AFNetworking and Mantle. Built on an MVVM architecture.

MBus is available for free on the App Store and is open-sourced under the MIT License on Github.

Free on the App Store    View on Github

Due to Michigan deprecating their bus architecture in June 2014, MBus is no longer in service.

MBus for University of Michigan

An open-source iPhone app for viewing information about University of Michigan's bus system, including live bus locations, estimated times of arrival, announcements, and other data.

Life's better with a soundtrack.

There's something great about surprises. Gifts, lottery tickets, texts —— pleasant uncertainty elicits strong dopamine hits. There's also something great about soundtracks. They conjure alternative impressions of existing material. Have you ever watched a TV show or a movie on mute? It's a completely different experience.

On Wizzy, you record a video, anything works, as long as it's less than 15 seconds, then send it to a list of friends. When you hit send, a random song — anything from 50 Cent to Taylor Swift — is matched, mixed, and sent with it. It might match what's happening in your video, however, hilariously, it usually doesn't. But you don't know what the song is until after it's been sent. You find out at the same time as your friends on the receiving end.

Wizzy was created by Nathanial Hajian, James Ruben, Brendan Ryan, and I at Greylock hackfest in July 2014.

Demo video    View Website

Wizzy is temporary unavailable for download.


Send short, automatic, hilarious music videos to friends.

Open-sourced and hosted on   

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